Imagine my luck, when wandering through a graveyard, with my camera in tow no less, I ran into a band of traveling canines, navigating their way through the darkness. As a photographer, I had to document the experience. I just had to. So, here are the images from that frightening experience. Then, we should never speak of it again… (unless of course you feel the need to share, then PLEASE DO!)


When I arrived at the graveyard, I was greeted by this friendly face. “Welcome” Zephyr said, “Come this way…”


With one ear always alert to the subtle sounds behind her, Athena carefully navigated her way through the fog…


Full of her usual mischievousness, Azumi tiptoed through the graveyard shouting “BOO” at her doggie buddies when they were least expecting it. Hence, going forward, she was forever know as “A-BOO-mi”


A tiny squeak arose from Blue’s lips as he gazed up at me… “Help. Me.” is all he said.


When Burton saw that all-too-familiar signal in the sky, he left as swiftly as he had arrived… Burton – aka – “Burt-man” aka – “Dancin’ with the Devil”


Darby took a wrong turn on the way to the ball and found herself lost in the middle of nowhere! Darby – aka – “Princess of Darkness”


I don’t know what Petals saw in the graveyard that night, but she came out a changed pup. Petals – aka – “Petals the fallen”


“Shhhh, you guys, did you hear that?” exclaimed Bourbon. “uhhh, what did you hear Bourbon?” asked Shogun as he shuddered, shielded by his much larger sister Bella. Just as everyone quieted down to listen, a shrill and piercing voice shouted “Nevermore!” “OMG” shrieked Mei Mei, “there is a crow behind me, isn’t there!!?” To that, Bella replied “Scooby dooby do!”, and Azumi made certain the camera captured her best side. Bourbon, Shogun, Bella, Azumi, and Mei Mei – aka – “The Scream Team”


Despite the evil spirits, and spooky sounds, Eva managed to find a soft place to rest her weary bones. Eva – aka – “Eva NO-Saint Bernard”


Trixie and Tad froze in fear at the sight of an ominous figure in the distance. As the figure drew closer, and they realized it had treats, all was well again in the graveyard!

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