A new season brings a new set of fun, summer hair trends! Check out the BrindleBerry top 12 Hottest Hair Trends for summer 2015!

1. Nothing says summer like long, strawberry blond locks blowing in the breeze!


2. It’s all about your natural beauty! Have ears that are larger than life? Don’t hide them under those beautiful locks – let them hang low and embrace your uniqueness!


3. Waves are always flattering, and are a great way to add a little body to normally flat locks.


4. RED RED RED – Blonds don’t always have more fun – going red can guarantee a summer fun factor of SPF 40!


5. Looking for just a small, subtle change? Try highlights! These subtle red highlights bring a little colour to this normally drab, black hair.


6. Go big or go bone! Big hair doesn’t just have its place in a country song; it also has its place right here in our summer top 12!


7. Love a little mystery? Keep them guessing with this cheeky, mysterious, wispy frock!


8. CURLS – make everyone happy! Harness your inner Shirley Temple and put some youthful bounce into your hairstyle!


9. Bring back the 60’s with this Beatles inspired style! Rock that mop top! We love it – ya, ya, ya!


10. ANY style looks better with a SMILE!


11. Smokin’ hair + Smokey eye = Smokin’ HOT!


12. Accessorize!! These trendy, tortoise shell sunglasses enhance this fun, summer look!

A55R8909 There you have it! If you have any fun trends, or other comment to add, please do so in the comments below!

I am Holly Montgomery, a pet photographer located in Calgary, AB, Canada! Each year I like to try one or two personal projects – just to stretch my wings a little and keep things exciting. This year, I chose to try my hand at fashion lighting, and the added challenge of teaching 12 dogs to wear wigs! You know what? Each one of them did it brilliantly!

BIG thanks to all my canine models, and to their people that signed them up and brought them in for this project!! And also a huge thank you to my lovely dog wrangler, Theresa, that helped endlessly in making this a fun session for everyone involved! ie. Wigs are not so bad when the treat lady is feeding me!

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