In my journey as a pet photographer, I have had many cool and memorable experiences!

I met some really amazing photographers that I am still friends with at the Passport workshop in San Diego that I attended in 2011. This workshop was taught by Jamie Pflughoeft of Cowbelly Photography and J. Nicole Smith of Dane + Dane Studios. Several of the attendees I met at this workshop have now gone on to start their own successful pet photography businesses and we still keep in touch!

I was lucky enough to do a mentor ship with Illona Haus of Scruffy Dog Photography fame in the summer of 2012. And, the best part of that was the really amazing friendship I now have with her. Check out my experience with Illona in this blog post.

This weekend, I will be spending an afternoon shooting with the very talented wildlife photographer, John E. Marriott. Very excited for this weekend!! Can’t wait to share it with you on the blog.

And, this spring, I am SOOO lucky and thrilled to have been invited to join several of my favorite pet photographers from all over the world for a little get away! “Are we there yet??” Check out this list of amaza-togs!

Illona Haus – Scruffy Dog Photography

Charlotte Reeves – Charlotte Reeves Photography

Sarah McGraw – McGraw Photography

Sara Riddle – Photography by Sara Riddle

Sarah Beth Ernhart – Sarah Beth Photography

Kaylee Greer – Dog Breath Photography

I am SO excited to meet these folks that I have admired for ages! AND of course to see Illona again. 🙂  Stay tuned as we may be looking for some models to experiment on on our trip!

I truly believe that continually learning and growing is so important. As this industry grows and grows, it’s important to develop and maintain your own style, and to surround yourself with the most amazing people and pray for osmosis to occur!

One thing I can promise my clients is that I will always be on top of the industry, and always be learning (I can’t help it!!)! Can’t wait to share all this goodness with you all along the way!

***Now booking for summer 2013! If you are interested in a session, book now!**