By now you all likely know who this little ball of adorable-ness is! It’s Azumi! Azumi is a mini-bull terrier. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but I can see why there is. Such a sweety!

Azumi’s mom and dad (proud owners of Sleep Rover here in Calgary) were quick to book her in for her very first session; they knew that the puppy months don’t last long and they wanted to capture them. They are also proud Calgarians and really wanted to have the Calgary skyline in some of their photos!

Azumi will be the star of several of my new studio samples, so be sure you come by and check her/them out! Her session will be featured on a canvas cluster, and a framed print.

Studio sessions are by appointment only, but you can view my gallery any time during the Copperfield Tail Blazers’ store hours.

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