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I am back with another holiday guide for dogs!

This is a really weird year for supply, and holiday-themed items are definitely harder to find this year for our stores. Honestly, I ordered most of my supplies in February, and almost none of it showed up.

So this year, I’d like to feature items that I know you and your dog will love, and products that you can actually find in store (if you’re fast!).

I hope you love my 2021 Holiday Guide for Dogs!

*Please support your local small business this holiday season! Amazon doesn’t need any more money. If you live in Calgary, you can purchase all of these products at Tail Blazers in Legacy and Copperfield.*

Bocce’s Holiday Treats

Dogs really do have a weird obsession for Bocce treats. And people love the packaging! Bocce treats are made in small batches in the USA.

For this list, I’d like to feature my favourite 3 holiday limited-edition treats!

Lumps of Coal – Peanut butter
Santa’s S’mores – Peanut butter, carob, vanilla
Holiday Feast – Turkey, pumpkin, cranberry


Injoya Snuffle Mats

If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge advocate for canine enrichment! One way to provide enrichment activities that mimic foraging and keep your pup busy is with a snuffle mat!

A snuffle mat makes a great slow feeder if you sprinkle kibbles on the mat. Snuffling is also surprisingly tiring and can substitute for outdoor activities when the weather is less than stellar.

Injoya has a huge selection of snuffle mats that are machine washable and come in many sizes and shapes! Make sure you get more than one, because just like you enjoy a selection of different books, your dog will “Injoya” a variety of snuffle mats.


Crumps Holiday Treats

Crumps is an awesome Canadian treat company that makes their treats in house with 100% traceable ingredients.

This year they surprised us with some very cute holiday themed treats!

“Naughty” treats – 100% Beef Lung
“Nice” treats – Chicken and Sweet Potato

Make sure you grab one of each since every dog is both naughty and nice!


Big Country Raw Holiday Dinner

Big Country Raw is a raw food maker in eastern Canada known for a variety of raw food flavours and tons of my favourite food toppers like frozen, whole sardines.

Their 2021 Holiday Dinner is a Turkey, Venison, Cranberry and Sweet Potato that’s complete and balanced to NRC standards.

And, the packing is super cute too! Grab yours while you can because they’ll be gone after the holidays!


Fluff and Tuff Dog Toys

I don’t think I’ll ever have a holiday guide without including Fluff and Tuff on it. People who know me know that I’m nuts for this brand!

Sadly, this year we missed out on the holiday themed Fluffs. In and effort to work around supply and shipping issues, Fluff and Tuff didn’t ship the holiday toys outside of the USA. Holiday Fluffs are MY Christmas gift to ME, so to say I was disappointed was an understatement! But, I’m learning to roll with these challenges, so it is what it is!

If you’re in the USA, you might get your hands on one! That said, let’s not disregard the awesomeness off ALL Fluff toys! Any of them would make a wonderful gift!

Fluff and Tuff is a family owned and operated business in the USA.

Their toys are classically adorable, and super durable as they’re made with a tuffweb mesh liner. They’re ICTI factory certified, double scanned for foreign and metal objects, and independently tested for lead and phthalates. They’re even machine washable!

I seriously wish the folks and Fluff and Tuff would adopt me!


Wild Bites Treats

Wild Bites… how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

You’re made with allergy-friendly novel proteins
You’re made with free-range, non-medicated, lean – exotic meats and wild fish
You’re high in protein with no fillers or artificial colours and are non-gmo
You’re grain-free, gluten-free, and wheat-free AND made in Canada

And best of all… dogs LOVE you!


4Legger Deodorizing Sprays

Okay, so this one’s more for you, but the world needs to know about this amazing company!

4Legger makes USDA Organic grooming products with no synthetics or detergents. They’re products are eco-friendly, biodegradable and leaping bunny certified cruelty-free.

But best of all, they smell amazing! I am VERY sensitive to synthetics and chemicals and I am totally ok with all of these products! I am really happy to have found a deodorizing spray that I can safely spray onto my dogs’ bedding and it doesn’t give me a splitting headache.

The 4Legger spray is available in 5 scents:

Rose (my fave!)


Lickimat Slomo

No doggie household should be without a lick mat; lick mats are the new Kong! Lick mats reduce stress, anxiety and boredom, and they slow your dog down at mealtimes.

We sell a huge variety of lick mats, but one of my favourites is the Lickimat Slomo. I like it because you can add both wet and dry foods to the mat. You can even add broths or milks and freeze them. My dogs love this!

The Lickimat Slomo is also dishwasher safe. You can watch Pebbles enjoying her Slomo in this video.


Ruff Dawg “Indestructible” Toys

I just got introduced to the Ruff Dawg “Indestructible” toys this week when they arrived in our stores and I’m already a fan.

Customers are always looking for strong chew toys, and there isn’t much out there to be honest. Most dogs aren’t interested in hard, strong chew toys, and the ones that they do like are never very tough. These toys have a “gummy” feel to them that I think dogs would enjoy biting and chewing.

I don’t personally believe that any toy is indestructible, but Ruff Dawg guarantees their toys for life if they do happen to be destroyed. Their toys also float, are FDA approved and are made in the USA (not many toys are made in North America, so this is nice!).


Pomppa Toppapomppa Winter Coats

Winter has been slow to rear its head this year, but when it does my dogs will be prepared in their new Toppapomppa coats!

These coats are made in Finland and designed for freezing temps with a waterproof outer layer and a thick, static resistant, inner layer.

What makes these coats different is they have a ton of coverage over the important muscle groups for extra warmth. They also have cut outs in the front to allow for a dog to run with full range of motion of their front legs.

Now if it would just snow, we could try ours out!


Yamnuska Fundraising Calendar

This gift is for you and any other human you think may enjoy it!

This year, I had a fundraising calendar contest to raise money for the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary in Canmore, Alberta. (Read more about that here)

The calendar features 13 beautiful pups and is photographed by yours truly! I’ve won some awards, and I think the photos are pretty good, so I think you’ll like them!

The calendar features moon phases, Canadian federal and Alberta provincial holidays as well as all the fun social media dog holidays!

These make a great Christmas gift and they’re super affordable to ship to friends and family! You can grab one at any of these locations:

If you don’t live in Calgary, you can support the cause by downloading a 2022 desktop calendar version for only $8 CAD.


And there you have it! In spite of supply chain issues I’ve hunted down some pretty amazing dog products for you! I hope this guide helps make your holiday shopping a little easier this year!

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Holly is an award-winning, certified and accredited dog photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. She is best known for her ability to create stunning images that capture a pup’s personality in a candid, respectful way. Additionally, as a pet food store owner (x2) she’s dedicated her career to helping pet parents understand and care for dogs of all ages and dispositions.