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Owning a “Health Food Store for Pets” has its perks! For instance, when we discontinue a brand (in the case of the cans in this photo) or we order too many of another because of an oopsy (in the case of the Instinct Raw Market Nuggets) I get to take some goodies home for my dogs!

Now, because I get such a mix of products, I have to get creative with them! I LOVE Instinct Raw Market freeze dried nuggets! If I had a small dog, this would be one of the foods I would happily feed and feel pretty darn good about it. However, I have three large breed dogs and this food for them is cost prohibitive (Instead, I feed the Nature’s Variety raw patties). But the dogs LOVE the nuggets, so they make a really yummy treat for them – and in this case – this goodness is all going into my Kongs.

Simply dispense the canned food (This can be any cans you love! I used one 12 oz can.) into a bowl. I LOVE my Beco Spork! It gets every last bit out of my cans, without that awful metal, scrape-y sound that drives me nuts! It’s Eco-friendly too, but I digress…

Pull apart your freeze dried nuggets (I used four nuggets) and mix everything up well in the bowl. Use the spork to fill the Kongs (I was able to fill six Kongs) and freeze! That’s it! I leave these with my dogs when I crate them and leave the house. You can also give your dog one on a hot day, or as a meal-replacement. The possibilities are endless!

What is your favourite Kong stuffer? Let me know in the comments!