I’ve known Megan Stanley (she’s first in the slideshow above with her Pit Bull, Duke!), founder of TWO dogma behaviour and training centres in Calgary, for YEARS! We both started out in the tech space and pursued our love and passion for dogs and their well-being into the pet industry. That was over a decade ago, and neither of us has looked back! We’ve become great friends over the years, and it’s been amazing to have a person to bounce business ideas off of. Megan, incase I haven’t told you lately – THANK YOU for all of your support and encouragement over the years!

About dogma

In the world of reward based training and humane and ethical treatment of dogs, I always look to dogma first for the standard of care. Megan and her team are constantly educating themselves on the most recent research in dog behaviour and applying the best standards and techniques to their business practises. Megan is the expert I go to when I need advice or an opinion on anything related to dog behaviour.

dogma offers a variety of services including: dog day school, dog training and a full dog training apprenticeship program.

The dogma Difference

dogma’s dog training programs, and day school curriculums, have been developed by Megan who’s a CBCC-KA accredited trainer – one of the first four in Canada to achieve this high standard of training education, and currently one of only 161 trainers in this category worldwide. That’s pretty awesome!

Instead of a dog “daycare” where dogs basically show up and party, dogma offers day “school” which is taught by certified trainers. dogma playgroups are limited to only 10 dogs for maximum safety and learning opportunity. So what this means is your dog is actually smarter when they come home than when they left!

Megan’s Brief

The brief was to create professional and fun head shots of the dogma team for their new website. Of course, you can’t have dog trainers and dog day school employees posing without dogs, so we threw some of them in there too! We spent the afternoon together on-site at dogma, Killarney, and got some really great shots! (check out the slideshow above)

If you are a dog business doing good in Calgary and you are looking to give your team photos a little upgrade, give me a shout! I will be on hiatus until March of 2019, but would love to help you out in the spring!