Dogma Training

I’m making it my mission to introduce you to some amazing businesses and brands throughout the 2022 Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary Calendar Contest. It’s my privilege to introduce these companies to you as sponsors of the fundraiser.

I’d firstly like to introduce you to our platinum sponsor, Dogma Training, from right here in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Dogma Training is committed to giving you and your dog the tools you need to make your life together the best it can be.

Their training programs and day school curriculums were developed by one of the first elite CBCC-KA accredited trainers in the country – my friend, Megan Stanley. Even worldwide, there are few trainers of her calibre. At Dogma, you and your dog benefit from the best and most up-to-date techniques in dog training today.

Dogma focuses on the positive and uses only supportive training practices to achieve their quick and measurable results. They know what a dog needs to be successful, and adhere to strict dog to trainer ratios in both their daycare and training classes. Each and every dog in their care gets the time and attention they deserve.

Dogma day school guides dogs through a variety of subjects each day. At the end of the day, you’re taking home a dog with better basic obedience skills, and better manners.

Isn’t that what we all want for our dogs??

Dogma Training may have “training” in their name, but they offer a variety of services! They offer Day School AND they offer trainer accreditation as well.

Dogma Training

Photo provided by Dogma Training

Day School

Day school is where the cool kids go to learn! They start off their experience with an assessment on their first day. Once your dog settles in, Dogma will recommend one of the following levels:


The early stages of your dog’s life are a critical time for learning. KinderPups classes are active and adorable – perfect for energetic puppies.

Dogma High

After these structured training classes, your dog’s improved behaviour, obedience, social skills and impulse control will have them destined for the honour (sit, stay, and) roll(over).


Follow up your dog’s DogmaHigh diploma with a DogmaU degree. Here they tackle a more advanced course load that focuses on mastering their manners and more advanced skills.

Dogma Alum

Once your dog has graduated from DogmaU, they become mentors to Dogma’s younger scholastic canines. As a part of Dogma’s alumni program, your dog still enjoys the added enrichment of Day School without an individualized training plan.

dogma training

Photo provided by Dogma Training

Dog Training

Training programs are available online whenever you need access to them. Explore Dogma’s package levels to access perks like live virtual classes, progression tracking and private coaching. Dogma offers in-person group classes that are exclusive to members. Purchase a membership and add class passes to attend as often or as little as you would like!

Puppy Training

Dogma wants to help your pup start off on the right paw. Start by deciding which of their three puppy training offerings is right for you.

Dog Training

Get all the benefits of Dogma’s elite training programs, right away. You and your dog will work through three levels of training modules towards earning their urbanK9 title and certificate.

Reactive Dog Training

Our human world has a lot going on, and all that busyness can be challenging and scary for a dog. Dogma’s developed training especially geared towards helping prepare dogs for success in the urban environment.

Private Training

If you’d rather your dog get one-on-one training, if they need a little extra attention or are experiencing a particular behavioural problem, private training is for you.

Dogma Training

Photo provided by Dogma Training

Dog Trainer Certification

Are you a dog care professional who’d like to learn more about canine behaviour? The Dogma Academy offers a variety of courses on canine behaviour and handling, towards gaining skills to successfully work with dogs. You will gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to be successful in any business catering to canines and dog services.

Dogma Certified Behavioural Consultant

The Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant program is our most comprehensive program that covers everything you need to know to become a professional dog trainer. We offer hands-on learning in group classes, day school and private training. You’ll learn about everything from puppies, to obedience, to fear/reactivity, coaching people, safety and taking care of your personal well-being.

Dogma Dog Trainer

This is an ideal program for individuals who want to start their career as a dog trainer, but do not want to work with complex behaviour, or want to add dog training knowledge to set themselves apart, or provide the best in care to the dogs in their current job. The dogma Dog Trainer program covers everything you need to become a professional dog trainer.

If you’re interested in learning more about day school, dog training, or trainer accreditation, reach out to Dogma Training! They’ve got lots of “covid-friendly” training options for your pup! You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

2 Locations in Calgary to serve you.

Killarney Location
Telephone: 587.352.6738
38, 2835 – 37 Street SW Calgary, AB T3E 3B3
Email Killarney:

Chinook Location
Telephone: 403.452.5400
515 – 70 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2V 0P5
Email Chinook: