Fen standing proudly on a fallen log beside the bow river

MODEL CALL! I put out a model call recently to my friends as I needed to grab some new photos for product samples for my new studio. Fenriz’s mom, Donia answered the call!

Fen is a charming young man (he looks big, but he’s still a baby!) and he’s fully loaded with zoomies, wiggles and even the occasional piddle! I could not have been more impressed with his modelling skills! Most pups on sessions are leashed (in fact, about 90%), but Fen and his mom work on obedience a lot and he was able to hold his poses for an impressively long time! Fen, you saved me a lot of editing time!! 

Check out a handful of Fen’s images, and scroll to the bottom to find out how your pup can apply to become a BrindleBerry Top Model! 

Aussie Shepherd leaning on log

Aussie head tilt

Australian Shepherd Leaning on Log

Aussie Shepherd Looking UP

Aussie Licking Lips

Aussie Puppy Sitting

Aussie Puppy Running

Aussie Puppy in Purple Flowers

Aussie Shepherd on Rock

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