Hi there. My name is Guinniss. I am going to share some photos with you and tell you a bit about me.

I have a great mom and dad and we live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Their names are Megan and Kris. They decided that because I am getting older, they wanted to take me to do some of my favorite things and bring along a photographer to capture it! They made a list for me – and they called it a Bucket List.

One thing I really, really love, is going to the mountains with my family. I used to love the water a lot more than I do now, but getting out there into the fresh air, is still one of my favorite things to do. Here we went to the upper and lower lakes in the Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada.


Aren’t I just the handsome-est?? I was trying to look distinguished in this one!


This spring mom and dad took me to the park to cross off a few more items on my list. HINT they are all food. NOM!


On the menu: Steak, beer, cat food, and ice cream. I thought I was dreaming!! My brother and sisters stayed home, and it was JUST ME!


Here’s me waiting for dad to cut my steak. HURRY dad!! And, the first bite. mmmmmmm. Then I got to chase my steak with some cat food. It was so good, my eyes were bugging out of my head!


Then I had a sip of beer. They wouldn’t let me drink too much because we still had to drive home.


After dinner, I had some special scratches and cuddles from dad. That always makes me smile!


AH-HEM, now the fancy family portrait part.


Dad tried to help get me to look at the camera with treats.


My mom is so special. I love cuddling with her.


My mom is a dog trainer (she owns Dogma Training and Pet Services) – so naturally we spent some time training together. She has taught me so much.


Oh dad!! You are embarrassing me.


So glad head scratches made the list. SOOOO NICE!


Next, we went to the ice cream shop. Mom said she used to visit this shop when she was little. Dad and I had a moment while mom went in and got the ice cream! What’s taking so long!!?



Now for dessert! SOOOO GOOD! Vanilla with sprinkles. My favorite!! I ate the whole thing. Even the cone!


I had such a good time with my family, and having a special night with them and just me. I am almost 13 years old, so all the minutes we can spend together now are so important to me. I have to make sure that they are going to be ok when I decide to cross the bridge. I think they will but I will probably watch over them anyway, just to be sure! ~Guinniss

It’s so important for me to capture your pets when they are feeling well! It’s so much nicer to have happy memories to cherish! The Bucket List session was created for just that, and were totally inspired by Megan and Guinniss.

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