P.L.A.Y. Merry Woofmas

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a gift guide, and dangit, almost a year since I’ve written a blog! I wonder why that could be?? <that’s sarcasm!>

It makes me sad, because I really love blogging, so thought it’s about time that I get back to sharing my thoughts and finds with the world. Time to get back to some semblance of a normal life again.

So, I’d like to share some of my favourite holiday finds for your pupper! The last few years have been relatively boring when it comes to new Christmas goodies, and this year I was overwhelmed with choice! That’s something to blog about!

AND, luckily for you, you can find them ALL right here in Calgary in our Copperfield and Legacy Tail Blazers stores!


1. Fringe Holiday Toys

This year we found the CUTEST squeaky toys from Fringe! This collection includes Llamas in Pajamas, Goats wearing scarves, Sloths on Wreaths and lots more!

Any pup will be happy to unwrap one of these Christmas morning!

Get yours curb-side here!

P.L.A.Y. Merry Woofmas

2. P.L.A.Y. Merry Woofmas Toys

P.L.A.Y. is notorious for creating fun, and interactive toys for dogs! They have squeaks, and crinkles and often, different textures! AND they’re super cute!!

Grab a Santa’s Little Elf’r, a plate of Christmas Eve Cookies, a Doglas Fur Tree with Christmas balls inside, a Good Dog Stocking with a squeaky bone or a Clumsy Clause!

Get yours curb-side here!

Bocce's Holiday Treats

3. Bocce’s Holiday Treats

Bocce’s Bakery makes lots of unique crunchy and soft and chewy treats for dogs! With flavours like Birthday Cake, and Mud Pie Oh My there’s something for every pup!

We have two Holiday limited edition flavours for your pup’s stocking: Lumps of Coal and Santa’s Smores!

Get yours curb-side here!

Coconut Collars

4. Coconut Collars Holiday Bandanas

Your pup NEEDS a festive bandana for the holiday season! What’s better than one made right here in Calgary?

Choose from a lovely selection of gorgeous, reversible designs in-store!

*Made in Calgary

Wild Bites Holiday Treats

5. Wildbites Lumps of Coal and Elk and Cranberry Treats

Does your pup have allergies or exquisite tastes? Then they’ll love the Kangaroo and Bison Lumps of Coal and the Elk and Cranberries treats from Wildbites!

These treats are terrific for gifting, and they’re super tasty! Even the fussiest pups take these treats in our stores!

Get yours curb-side here!

*Made in Canada

Fluff and Tuff

6. Fluff and Tuff Stuffed Toys

It’s no secret that I am a closet Fluff and Tuff addict. Ok, maybe I’m not in the closet – I LOVE THEM and I don’t care who knows it!!

No toy is indestructible, but Fluffs are VERY strong and designed for rough play and tugging. And they’re cute, and whimsical and remind me of my 80’s plush toys! SWOON! The quality is undeniable!

They’ve got a couple of special holiday toys, Topper Penguin, Kitt Flamingo and Mint Candy, which are in VERY limited supply at our stores.

Get yours curb-side here!

Zippy Paws

7. Zippy Paws Burrows

Zippy Paws has a massive collection of adorable dog toys and amongst them are my favourite – the Burrows toys!

Burrows toys are large toys, with little squeaky toys inside! Your pup will enjoy burrowing to remove the tiny toys from their burrows.

Get yours curb-side here!

happy shepherd dog laying on bed in studio

8. Bowsers Beds

Bowsers Beds make my holiday lists – every. single. time.

These beds are the highest quality beds I’ve ever seen and are made with upholstery grade fabrics. I have Bowsers Beds that I’ve owned for almost 15 years!

They magically appear to look BETTER after they’ve been washed, and they suit any home decor. But most importantly, they are sooo comfortable for your pup’s weary bones.

Choose from a lovely selection of gorgeous designs in-store!

*Made in Canada

9. Nammy’s Treats

I’ve seen A LOT of dog treats in my day, and Nammy’s Treats are truly unique!

They’re handmade right here in Calgary by Kevin and come in limited ingredient formulations like Venison, Bison, Smelt and Green Tripe Burrito!

Get yours curb-side here!

*Made in Calgary

10. Holiday BrindleBerry Box

I couldn’t possibly put together a holiday gift guide and leave out my own, carefully and lovingly curated, BrindleBerry Boxes!

A done-for-you, box full of surprise awaits you and your pup Christmas morning! These boxes are expertly curated with quality and unique items for your special pup!

You can choose from the Basic Bitch Box, or the Premium Pup Box (large and extra large sizes are sold out)!

Each Premium Pup box contains a custom made, limited edition bandana designed by myself and Coconut Collars!

Every box sold enters you to win a FREE BrindleBerry JAM Pet Photo Session (Valued at $500).

If you like what you’ve seen in the blog post, you’re going to LOVE what you’ll get inside a BrindleBerry Box!

*Assembled in Calgary with several Canadian products

You can grab any of these toys and treats at the Legacy and Copperfield Tail Blazers locations, or purchase them on the Copperfield Tail Blazers’ curb-side website.

You can purchase a Holiday BrindleBerry Box online here.