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Lots of yummy goodies tonight for the BrindleBerry Bunch! Here’s the rundown:

Raw Turkey Dinner from Legacy Pet Foods

Antibiotic-free fresh Turkeys are ground whole carcass providing pets with the perfect blend of meats and bone as well as added organ meat and the perfect blend of vegetables and fruits – each selected to provide a specific balance of nutrition and health benefits.

Antioxidant Berry Bones (BrindleBerry Creation)

An original BrindleBerry creation, these bones are rich in antioxidants due to their high, dark berry content (i.e. blueberries!). They also contain fresh, organic strawberries and a touch of honey! I always ensure I make extra BrindleBerry Bones with any extras left over from my Berries and Cream BrindleBerry Pops!

Raw Goat’s Milk from Primal Pet Foods

Raw goat milk can most easily be absorbed by a variety of mammals and is known as the universal milk, as it contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids.

Coconut Oil by True Raw Choice

Coconut oil has dozens of benefits and can be used internally or externally. Try it for any skin condition! My dogs love the taste of coconut oil!

Healthy Gut Pre & Probiotic/Enzyme from the Adored Beast

Helps rebalance and cultivate proper growing conditions for friendly digestive flora destroyed through antibiotics and toxins. Aids in the digestion of food and supports a healthy immune system. I have my dogs on this supplement at all times.

Freeze-Dried Lamb Green Tripe by K9 Natural

Packed with natural probiotics, and the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals, tripe is always a favourite in my home! It stinks, and the dogs LOVE it. If you can handle these in your treat bag, they make excellent training treats too!

Bison Broth Bones (BrindleBerry Creation)

Bone broth is so beneficial to us and our pets! If your dog experiences any digestive issues, try supplementing them with broth! Broth can replace water in dehydrated dog food recipes and can be added to dry dog food to give dogs the moisture their bodies need. I make broth out of my freezer-burned bones, and always make a batch after we roast a chicken. There is always frozen broth for the entire BrindleBerry Bunch in our home!