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It was one lucky day in July when I decided to participate in a Facebook contest for a free Impact Dog Crate. I don’t have the best luck so most of the time I ignore these things, but this time I decided to play along because I love the crates, and I needed some new ones for my van as the wire crates I use now are not very safe.

This post is not sponsored (I won this crate in a contest, it was not given to me to review.), but it does contain affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link I receive a small amount of compensation. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and I would NEVER give my dogs anything to eat, or put anything in or on their bodies that I didn’t honestly think was ok. Remember, I made a promise to all the doggies out there, and I take it pretty darn seriously! So with that out of the way… the review!!


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Then a few days after entering the contest, my friend Reanne tagged me in the post from Impact with the winner announcement and the winner was ME! Then, I waited to see if maybe it didn’t apply to Canadians (that happens a lot) and NOPE I was eligible. Then I wondered if it would be hundreds to ship it here, but they covered the shipping! AND they let me pick any crate on their site in any colour that I wanted! I could hardly believe it, and I am so lame I actually cried. I felt really, really grateful!

So all that being said, I now have a beautiful new crate here to use and photograph, so I decided to review it for you all! I also love the crate so much that I have also become an affiliate!

SAVE 15% on the Collapsible and High Anxiety Dog Crates with code “BRINDLEBERRY”.


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About Impact Dog Crates

Impact dog crates are made of durable aluminum in the USA and they come with a lifetime guaranteed. These crates are not cheap, but you will never have to replace them! Each variety comes in a large selection of colours so you can choose one that truly suits your personality! All models (with the exception of the Truck Bed Crate and the Hybrid Crate), come with airline rails for travel by air. All crates are powder-coated which helps reflect heat away from your crate and your dog.

Crate Varieties

For the purpose of this review, I will be focusing mainly on the Stationary Side Door Crate since that’s the crate I have. However, I wanted to share with you the other options available in case another is a better fit for you and your dog!

1. Collapsible Dog Crate

If space is an issue, the Collapsible Dog Crate may be the one for you. It collapses down to less than 8 inches tall for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. The collapsible version is not ideal for dogs that stress out and try and escape their crates.

SAVE 15% on the Collapsible Dog Crate with code “BRINDLEBERRY”.


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2. Stationary and Stationary Side Door Crates (MY CRATE!)

The Stationary Side Door Crate size 450 in purple is the crate I chose for my prize! I wanted something for the van, so I didn’t want one that may collapse on impact. My van is not large enough that two 450 sized crates could not fit side by side in the back. So, we chose the side door variety, and added the optional front door for future versatility. We set it into the back of the van lengthwise so Kingsley could jump in and out via the hatch. (see below)


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This crate is heavy duty, yet light enough that I could carry it and lift it myself (albeit short distances – dude my arms are short!).

If you don’t have a use for the side door, you can get the Stationary Crate instead with a single door on the width of the crate.

Laser-cut and precisely riveted together, the Stationary Impact Dog Crate is loaded with functional features to keep your pup secure at home and while traveling. They’ve integrated practical features with this heavy-duty crate for airline compatibility, crate stacking, and lightweight mobility. Unlike plastic and wire crates, the Stationary’s Aluminum construction is lightweight for daily commuting and strong enough to outlast tough dogs.

3. High Anxiety Crate

The High Anxiety Crate is the crate that got me really excited. Not because I need one now, but I have had dogs that rip their way out of crates. It is crazy how destructive they can be when they are scared, and they can really hurt themselves.

This particular crate is constructed with a higher gauge aluminum than the rest of the Impact line up. The air holes are smaller, and the front door bars are closer together to help prevent dogs from getting their teeth stuck in them.

If you have a Houdini dog that escapes all other crates, or if he has separation anxiety or is fearful of storms, this is the crate for you. They also have a 2 year, no questions asked FREE replacement warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: that if your dog has separation anxiety, it’s a panic disorder and a crate may cause their condition to worsen. Please seek help from a force-free dog trainer to help get your dog some support. You can also check out my podcast on the subject with Drae Baker.

SAVE 15% on the High Anxiety Dog Crate with code “BRINDLEBERRY”.


Impact has a large selection of accessories for their crates, many of which appear to be designed for the dog show circuit. You can add a mat to the top of your crate and turn it into a grooming table.

There are also crate fans, crate beds/pads, bowls, and even a wheel cart to move your crate around with ease.


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I have been researching car safety for dogs for quite awhile now and I am surprised how few harnesses, harness attachments, and crates have actually been safety tested. Common sense would indicate that a crate this strong and well built would be safer than most. However, I could not find any official data stating the crates have been safety tested by a third party. I did find an example of a client testimonial of a crate that was tossed from the back of a truck and it saved the dog!

Safety tested or not, there is no denying that having your pets restrained while driving reduces distractions and can save lives. And if you are looking for a crate for your home, the safety portion of this review is pretty irrelevant.

Payment Plans

Impact offers Flexible Payment Plans with 6, 12, or 24 month payment terms. You can quickly and easily apply on their website.


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Customer Service

I was so impressed with the service I got from Impact. Every time I went online to look on the site they had a chat window pop up and someone was there to offer assistance. I added and removed items from my order and they took care of all that for me with no complaints. They replied to my emails at all hours of any day. There was even a mix up with the crate pad size I ordered for this bed (some fault fell on both parties) and they sent me a replacement crate pad at no charge. I feel like you would be in really good hands with this company should you decide to invest in a crate.


Pebbles wanted to play too! PHOTO: ©BrindleBerry Acres

Final Consensus

I am such an incredibly picky person when it comes to dog products you’d think I would have lots to nitpick about my crate, but I don’t. It’s lightweight, yet strong. It looks marvelous! I love the colour I chose, but do kinda wish I picked pink. I am sure I would have wished for purple had I done that!

I love the fact that Impact is always having giveaways, and often times the recipients are charities. They have really mastered social media marketing and working with influencers! Their crates are versatile, and of exceptional quality. They are well-designed and practical. I love my crate, and I love showing it off when I open the back hatch to my van! (It’s so sexy!)

Ok, I do however have to nitpick a little… I have OODLES of crate beds and the size of these crates are not standard and don’t fit my crate pads. I really love my crate pads and would have liked to use them. You will likely have to purchase a pad from Impact for your new crate. I did not reduce my score because of this however, as I am not even sure there is a “standard” anymore for crate pad sizes. I have had this issue with other crates too.

Also, I would like to see some official third party safety testing on the crates for a little more peace of mind since I am using my crate in my vehicle. Obviously this is only a con if you are using the crate as a vehicle restraint. However, from the photos shared on their site and social media, it appears many people DO use them in their vehicles, so I would love to see some safety testing!

Other than that, Impact receives a well-deserved, near perfect score of:

Final Score – 4.5/5 BrindleBerries




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You can purchase Impact Dog Crates and accessories on their website:

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