The Pig Pen

This post is part of an on-going series on Building a Sensory Garden. Be sure to head over to Sensory Garden – Part One – The Plan, to see how and why it all started!

Yesterday we made some decent headway on the Sensory Garden! We added a raised vegetable garden AND a new dig pit for Grizz.

The Raised Garden

We already had raised gardens on our property, but since we opened the Legacy Tail Blazers, we haven’t had the time to garden. Sooo, it become overgrown with GRASS. I don’t think any amount of weeding could have saved this!! Ron had fun demolishing it with our tractor!!

Destroyed Garden

After removing all the nails and screws, we piled all the debris and evened out the ground.

Ron built these gardens, but this time we decided to outsource that job to Marshall’s Gardens. Time is money, and most days we have just a tad more of the latter. Gene and Jake did a beautiful job!

Now to decide what to plant! Potatos for sure. Peas, beets, carrots are all faves too!

Marshall's Gardens

The Dig Pit a.k.a. “The Pig Pen”

Grizz loves to dig, and I wanted to make sure the sensory garden has a place for him to make a big mess! He also loves to make a hole and take a nap in the cool dirt. 

We piggybacked some screened loam on our order of garden soil for the dig pit. We also recyled some of the boards from our demolished garden to hold the dirt in. 

The Pig Pen

From here on in, I’ll pop in every so often to give you updates on the design of the space. Stay tuned!

Sensory Garden – Part Four – The Trees is coming soon!