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May 3rd is Specially-Abled Pets Day, and I wanted to celebrate by introducing you all to a new friend of mine named Stevie. I met with him this week for a photo session and an interview and he’s such a remarkable young fellow, I think you’ll all enjoy getting to know him a little better. Stevie is currently in foster care, with a mission to find his perfect forever home! Without further adieu, on to the interview!

Holly: Hi Stevie, it’s incredible to meet with you again. I really enjoyed our photo session together, and have been looking forward to introducing my readers to you.

Stevie: Thanks Holly, YES, thank you it’s nice to be here.

Holly: Can you start out by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Stevie: Well, I am about six years old and my colleagues reckon I am a pit bull mix. I am about 65 pounds. I was found wandering the streets of LA alone, and I was being overlooked in the shelter due to my breed and my special-ability. Some wonderful people from BARCS discovered me and thought I might have a better chance at finding a home in Canada so they brought me to Calgary. Oh, there’s one more small thing. I am blind. It’s really not as big of a deal as it sounds, but It thought I should mention it.

Playful Pit Bull

Holly: WOW, six years old? You look so young! Time has been really good to you! I am sorry that were left on your own like that to fend for yourself on the streets. It’s a miracle you avoided a deadly fate – you must be very resourceful!

Stevie: YES, my resourcefulness has gotten me out of a pickle or two. That, combined with a whole lot of luck; I am very grateful to be here.

Surprised Pit Bull

Holly: In regards to your eyesight… how has being blind affected your relationships?

Stevie: I’ve actually found that being blind has brought me closer to my friends and foster family. Being near my human friends makes me feel safe, and I find the contact with them comforting. I like to think they enjoy having me around to snuggle too.

Friendly Pit Bull with Lady and Man

Stevie’s Wonderful Fosters!

Holly: Tell me more about your foster family.

Stevie: I live with my foster mom and dad, Lauren and Dan, several ferrets and two dogs. My foster mom has done her best to make getting around the house easier by putting up gates to block staircases and anywhere else I could fall and get hurt. She gives me a boost when I need to get up or down the back deck to use the facilities.

Holly: It sounds like you have a really great foster family. What are you looking for in a new, forever family?

Stevie: Ideally, I would love to live in a home without a lot of commotion and activity. Being that I can’t see, I can get surprised pretty easily and it can be a little stressful to be startled a lot. A smaller, calmer dog might make a good friend, and possibly a great seeing eye dog for me! However, I do struggle with larger dogs that might be too exuberant and catch me off guard. I love kids, but since I can’t see I would be a bit worried I could topple the smaller ones over with my size and occasional lack of direction. I guess I just need a family that has a little patience and understanding. Doesn’t everyone want that?

Holly: YES, I would say so. We all have our own quirks that we hope those around us can accept, don’t we? I am curious… how do you get around when you are outside? How do you stay safe?

Stevie: That’s easy. A tight leash works as a great tether between myself and anyone walking me. I know I can go to the end of the leash safely, and it’s great for me to know which direction to head in. Sometimes I feel so safe on leash I get a bit giddy and feel like running!

Friendly Pit Bull Wearing Canine Equipment

Ron and Stevie enjoying a moment

Holly: That’s great Stevie, is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

Stevie: Yes, let’s talk about floors! At first, slippery tile or hardwood floors can be a little scary for me. Eventually, I can map out my surroundings and feel more confident on them, but I may need a little time and patience to get used to them.

Also, I hope this isn’t too much to ask, but I really, really would like my own crate to sleep in. I think of my crate like my very own fort. I can go in there and feel really grounded and feeling the sides against me make me feel safe and secure. I love to use it as a place to sleep, or chew, or just chill out and recharge.

Smiling Pit Bull with Lady

Holly: I don’t think that’s too much to ask at all Stevie! Ok, so that’s all the questions I have for today, can you tell our readers how to get ahold of you if they are interested in meeting you?

Stevie: The best way to get in touch with me is through my agency, BARCS. You can go to the BARCS website and fill out an application for me, and they’ll reach out to you from there.

Alert Pit Bull

Holly: Thanks so much Stevie, it’s been amazing getting to know you, and I wish you the very best luck finding your forever family!

Stevie: Thanks so much for having me!

Holly: OH Stevie, there’s one more thing… At our session your foster mom mentioned you had a pink harness, and that it wasn’t really your colour… Well, Ron and I discussed it and we’d like to offer you a new harness of your choosing. Just ask your foster parents to bring you to the Copperfield Tail Blazers and ask for Ron, and he’ll help you choose a new one – on us! You can take it with you to your new home when the time comes.

Stevie: Oh my goodness, thank you so much!

Happy Pit Bull with Lady

Holly: Anytime, gorgeous!

What an amazingly beautiful young man! Before I met Stevie I was really tempted to feel bad, and to feel sorry for him. However, when I met him I immediately noticed how friendly and happy he was! He had such a good time at our session, and at no time did he let his special-ability get the in the way of his adventure!

If you’re in Calgary and dying to meet Stevie, reach out to BARCS on their website. If you aren’t looking for a new family member, remember, someone else may be! Please share this post and help Stevie out! BrindleBerry Pet Photography provided these photos to BARCS at no charge for promotion and marketing purposes in hopes they may help Stevie find his forever family! 

Jill Piper of Furry Kids Pet Photography is a pet-loving photographer located in Minot, Maine, USA. Check out her post about the dogs at “Rolling Dog Farm” as you follow the next link in this blog ring about specially-abled pets!