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Another year has come and gone, and another amazing trip to SuperZoo is in the memory banks! I think finding amazing pet products and brands has got to be top of the list for things I LOVE to do in life. Can you say… #dogbrandnerd? Some of these products are SO NEW that they aren’t available yet, so keep your eyes peeled!

SuperZoo is a trade show for pet retailers that takes place every summer in Las Vegas. This year there were over 1000 booths, and it was impossible to visit every one so I probably missed a few things. I skipped a large section called, “Groomer’s Court” as well as the “Aquatic Terrace” as I was short on time and I felt that there wouldn’t be much there of interest to me.

I started by visiting the “New Product Showcase” to get a feel for the new and exciting products to look out for, and made a note of the booths that were promising from there. This year they also had a section called “Nature’s Pathway” and that was the second place I headed off to. So, I know I missed a lot, but I feel pretty confident I saw most of the booths that met my incredibly high standards for pet brands.

So, without further adieu, here are my top 10 SuperZoo finds (I may have snuck in an extra!) in no particular order! Let me know what you think of them, and which products you are looking most forward to trying in the comments!


1. Treatibles – It is no secret that Hemp (CBD) products are hot and trending right now, and I don’t believe that they will be going away anytime soon! My biggest disappointment about CBD products is that it is not legal to sell them in Canada right now. You may have purchased them here, but legally it’s a grey area and most of us are waiting until it becomes more black and white before we offer them for sale.

It’s endlessly frustrating because I have seen first hand the tremendous benefits these products offer to our canine companions. Rest assured that as soon as it is legal to do so, we will be offering these products for sale online and in-store. Available now in the USA. From Treatibles:

Phytocannabinoids are very effective in bringing balance to pets suffering from a myriad of conditions including anxiety, separation anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, pain, inappetence, mobility issues, cancer, epilepsy, end of life comfort, and more.

Treatibles was the first company to create PCR hemp oil infused chews for pets. Our products are virtually free of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. Treatibles are legal to sell and ship to all 50 states.


2. West Paw Rowdies – Durable plush toys are hard to find! And even the most durable can be destroyed if you let your pup go to town on them. However, if you are looking for one that should outlast the rest, look no further than the NEW Westpaw Rowdies! From West Paw:

Rowdies combines the extreme durability and safety of our Zogoflex® material with our tough chew zones along with reinforced mesh backed fabric, HardyTex™ to create a furry plush toy that lasts. Backed by our Love It Guarantee™.


3. Wolfgang Man & Beast – Finding masculine dog collars is HARD! Especially patterned collars! But Wolfgang has found a impressive collection of patterns to suit even the mostly manly of mans! Their branding is fantastic, and they have a pack of “men and dogs” that consists of a pro fly fisherman, skier, mountain biker, rallycross driver, skateboarder, dog trainer, TWO professional snowboarders, and even a former punk band drummer! #brandingonpoint – and the gear ain’t bad either!

PHOTO: Supplied by Kin+Kind

4. Kin + Kind Pet Products – This line of pet products is a dog brand nerd’s dream come true! Lovely packaging, beautiful, professional photography, a functional and easy-to-navigate website… And the Kin + Kind products – to die for! All natural, amazing unique scents, I cannot choose just one product to highlight – you have to check them all out.


5. Fruitables Broth Bowls – You all know that I love adding moisture to your pet’s diet when they are fed dry food to support good hydration. And if you can’t make homemade broth yourself, the Fruitables Broth Bowls are the next best thing! These must be really new, because I had a hard time finding anything to link to for you, so just keep your eyes open for them in a store near you!

PHOTO: Taken by me of product brochure

6. Bocce’s Bakery – The Seasonal Biscuit Menu from Bocce’s Bakery looks good enough to eat! And I can confirm that these biscuits actual smell (ahem, and taste) as the name promises! Specifically, I tried the “Campfire S’Mores” recipe! I am super sad that these products are not currently available in Canada, but I am hoping that they will make their way here soon!

PHOTO: Taken by me of product brochure

7. Rad Cat Raw Diets – Every once and awhile we have to throw the cats a bone! And at SuperZoo this year I found TWO cat products that I absolutely loved! The one that made the roundup today was Rad Cat Raw Diets. Cats can be harder to get onto raw, but in some ways it’s even MORE beneficial for them to be on it as they are obligate carnivores.

Rad Cat has created a list of amazing raw diets for cats that includes everything from pork to venison! The containers are perfectly sized to store and serve from, and they even provide small samples for pet parents to purchase (say that five times fast!) to try as we all know that cats are notoriously fussy! I love this product and I am happy to see more cat specific raw diets on the market! Available now in the USA and coming soon to Canada!


8. Himalayan Dog Chews, Bonehead – I love Himalayan Dog Chews, but I have always be leery of giving them to my dogs because they swallow large pieces. Imagine how much I jumped for joy when I saw that they created a toy to make chewing safer, called the Bonehead.

You tighten the Bonehead around the chew (I would imagine you could use this for other chews too if they fit into the device.) and the last bit of chew is kept safely inside the Bonehead and cannot be swallowed! Hate wasting that last, small bit? Well, you can microwave those pieces and it turns them into a cheesepuff-like treat! No waste! So, now can I wait until the fall to get my hands on mine?? (The answer is NO but I have no choice!)


9. Stella & Chewy’s Raw Blend Dog Food – Most people know that I am an advocate for raw diets for dogs and cats, however, I know that they aren’t for everyone. I feel like it’s really unrealistic to expect that everyone can or will switch to raw food diets. So I am always on the hunt for foods that I feel are still an improvement from the everyday kibble.

Stella and Chewy’s Raw Blend dog food is a BAKED kibble, not extruded like most, which means that it’s cooked at MUCH lower temperatures which enables the food to maintain more of its nutritional value. It is then coated with a freeze dried mixture that adds even more vitamins and minerals to the food. On top of all that, there are also freeze dried meat pieces added to the food which is meat that is processed using NO heat and it is extremely palatable to your pooch.

Both Raw Blend diets are grain-free. If you are going to feed a dry kibble, this is one of the best on the market! Be prepared to pay a little more, but you are getting what you pay for!



10. Steve’s Real Food Freeze Dried Raw Goat’s Milk Supplements – Steve’s Real Food is a fantastic, family-owned line of raw and freeze dried diets, as well they make some really fabulous supplements. Their Enhance line includes three freeze dried raw milk supplements: Cannagurt, Dognog, and Carnaforage.

I love that these supplements provide much needed probiotics, enzymes, and other superfood ingredients, but I also LOVE that they are shelf stable and I can use them as I go. Other goat’s milk pet products require refrigeration and I often forget about them and they go bad.

The Steve’s Real Food raw and dehydrated diets look amazing too – check them out!

BONUS. Dexas BrushBuster and MudBuster – I couldn’t leave these products out so 11 products it is!

I have always had Boxers so I have not been much into grooming dogs. However, I now have two dogs that shed a fair amount so I am exploring how to best keep that under control. I know bathing can release loose hair, and I really want to try the BrushBuster the next time I give Kingsley a bath! (I think this is another new product as I cannot find it online, but stay tuned!)

I also love their MudBuster which is a container with silicone bristles inside that you put your dog’s foot into and it comes out clean! I have used similar products, but they were super bulky, hard to handle, and not as easy to clean. This one comes in a handy tumbler that fits in my small hands. I can’t wait to give these products a try!

Thanks for checking out my top finds at SuperZoo 2017! This was not a paid/sponsored post – just simply a list of products I am excited to try myself, and hopefully carry in my pet food store eventually!

Stay tuned for my fun interview on-site at SuperZoo with Hubba, coming soon! Did you attend SuperZoo this year? What was your favourite find?