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One of the easiest things a pet parent can do to improve their dog’s health is to add fresh food toppers to their dog’s food. 

Although fresh toppers benefit ALL dogs, no matter the diet they’re on, they’re perhaps most important for a dog that’s fed a processed diet, like kibble. In this episode I’ll give you a list of healthy toppers you can easily add to your dog’s food, and teach you how each of them will benefit their health.

Holly’s qualifications include:

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why “complete and balanced” dog foods are a myth.
  • Why it’s important to add fresh foods to your dog’s diet.
  • More about 10 of my favourite toppers.
  • Which fruit topper has the highest antioxidants of any other fruit.
  • What my favourite topper for picky eaters is.
  • How to feed toppers to your dog.

Resources from this Episode:

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