Being a mother isn’t defined by blood alone. Being a mother is about filling a role or a promise to someone else. Not all birth parents take on this role, and many who don’t share their DNA with their children – DO.

To me a mother is someone that provides shelter, food, love, support, protection, guidance, education and understanding to another being – selflessly, and to the very best of their ability. They are someone that prepares someone else for their life journey ahead of them.

Today is about thanking and celebrating all that mothers do for others. And because you’re part of the BrindleBerry family, that tells me you likely give your all to caring for somebody with fur. So I’d like to give a special shout out today to the dog moms among us.

Your pet may not buy you flowers, make you breakfast in bed or let you sleep in today, but I promise you that they appreciate all that you do for them!