Westpaw Toppl

Every single day at 2:30 PM my dogs each get a toy stuffed with food and goodies for the following reasons:

  • It gives them an activity to break up long days at work with me.
  • It gives them a snack since their meals are 9-10 hours apart.
  • It allows me to feed Pebbles more, but in smaller meals since she’s got GERD and I find that smaller meals help her condition.
  • Cause enrichment is FUN!

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I’ve found 3 different stuffables that I love, and they each have their own pros and cons.

Full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links. 

Westpaw Toppl

Photo: Westpaw

Westpaw Toppl (Large)

The Toppl is arguably the first food stuffable on the market (the Kong excluded of course!). I don’t believe its original intention was to be a food stuffable, but once Westpaw fans figured out that it made a great feeding bowl it really took off!

The Toppl has a wide opening with one small hole on the side. It also has five “fingers” on the inside that enable you to wedge treats or food between. It has a round bottom that creates a rocking motion when in use. The Toppl comes in three colours: blue, green and orange and three sizes: small, large and NEW extra large.

Stuffing – Stuffing the Toppl is fairly easy due to its wide opening. I like to add a layer of freeze dried food or treats, then I cover it in either goat’s milk or broth, then I add a layer of raw and freeze.

The one downfall of stuffing the Toppl is the hole on the side prevents you from adding liquids or “oozables” at/above the hole. There are plugs on the market that you can purchase to plug the hole, but it would be nice if Westpaw made a version without the hole.

Level of Difficulty – The fingers inside the Toppl increase the level of difficulty for advanced users. Of the three options I’m listing today, the Toppl is in second place for level of difficulty.

Cleaning – It’s easy to remove hair and other debris collected on the outside of the toy. In the very center of the inside of the toy there is a space surrounded by fingers. I find this spot hard to clean, but the rest of the toy is fairly easy.

Price – $30.99 CAD (August 2022)

Grab a Toppl from the Legacy or Copperfield Tail Blazers stores. 

Shop Toppl on West Paw USA


Photo: Sodapup

Sodapup Honey Pot

The Honey Pot was released this year (2022) and sold out at the manufacturer level almost immediately after its release. I was lucky enough to grab three before they sold out!

The Honey Pot has a wide opening with no holes or obstacles. It’s a very simple design. It’s the smallest of the three options. The Honey Pot comes in one colour, yellow, and one size.

Stuffing – Stuffing the Honey Pot is quick and easy. You can add anything you like to the pot with relative ease.

Level of Difficulty – Due to the lack of obstacles, this stuffable is fairly easy to use. Of the three options I’m discussing today, the Honey Pot is the easiest of the three and great for beginners.

Cleaning – The inside of the Honey Pot is very easy to clean since there are no obstacles to clean around. However, I actually find the outside a bit of a pain to clean!

The design has raised lines around the outside that catch dirt, hair and food. It makes for a cute design, but I have to use a toothbrush to clean it to my satisfaction.

Price – $19.99 CAD (August 2022)

Shop Honey Pot on Sodapup USA (use code “BRINDLEBERRY” to save 10%)

Puzzle 'N Play Mushroom

Photo: Messy Mutts

Totally Pooched Puzzle ‘N Play Mushroom

Last week a new stuffable entered the scene from Totally Pooched (Messy Mutts).

This toy resembles an upside down mushroom with the cap forming almost a “moat” around the outside of a second “tower” filled with holes on the inside. There are also nubs on the bottom, inside of the toy.

The Mushroom comes in three colours: green, blue and orange, and one size.

Stuffing – Because the Mushroom has a moat, holes and nubs it allows for a lot of flexibility when stuffing. You can fill the top of the cap with liquid if you desire with no leakage. Although there are holes in the inner tower, the cap will catch anything that may leak out of them. You could stuff treats like Plato Thinkers, or Farm Fresh meat sticks into the holes for added interest.

Level of Difficulty – Because of the many nooks and crannies of this toy, I am rating it the most difficult of the three options. My dogs are experienced with these types toys, and this one was a challenge for them.

Cleaning – For some reason, the rubber this toy is made of doesn’t seem to collect the dirt, hair and food the other toys do on the outside. Because there are nubs, and not fingers, the inside is easier to clean than the Toppl. The moat is a little tricker to clean, but I can clean it using my fingers and running water.

Price – $29.99 CAD (August 2022)

Grab a Mushroom from the Legacy or Copperfield Tail Blazers stores. 


Of the three toys it’s really hard to pick a favourite, so I don’t think I will! Enrichment is about a variety of activities anyway, so if you’re able, grab one of each and let your dog choose their fave!