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As pet parents, we are all very busy people. It can be hard to ensure we are feeding our dogs everything they need to thrive and live up to their full doggie potentials! One trick I have found to make it really easy to add extra supplementation to my dogs’ diets is through frozen treats! They are easy to make, quick, and you can make a large batch when you have the time and they don’t go bad or spoil quickly like they would in the fridge. And the best part… the dogs absolutely LOVE them!

Start by making your favourite bone broth. Any flavour will do! You will find that marrow bones tend to make broth that is more gelatinous in consistency. If you’d rather have something easy to pour into molds, go for chicken or turkey broth.


Find your favourite silicone molds on Amazon or your local arts and crafts store or pet supply store. The ones I used for these bones are made by Messy Mutts, but I have several different ones that I have purchased over the past few months.

Silicone molds are awesome because you can use them for baking treats as well and they are dishwasher safe for easy clean up! Choose ones that make appropriately-sized portions for your dog. If you’d rather not invest in silicone molds, no worries! Simply use ice cube trays.

Pour your broth into molds and freeze! It’s that simple! Feed one on a hot day, or add to your dog’s meal!