Have you ever noticed that most of your favourite Instagram accounts follow a theme or have a purpose?

What most successful influencers have in common is that they’ve chosen to focus on a handful of topics, in order to niche down their audience to those that love those very specific subjects.

For instance, they may focus on hiking with dogs, a particular dog breed, dog nutrition or training.

In this episode we’re chatting with Natalia Martinez who’s grown a laser focused and engaged audience for her dog, Willow, using a few key strategies that’s she’s going to share with you today.

Nat’s qualifications include:

  • Professional Animal Photographer
  • Illustrator and Graphic Designer
  • Video Producer
  • Content Creator
  • Micro Influencer


  • How setting a purpose for your Instagram account can help you attract quality sponsors.
  • What is a micro-influencer?
  • How to create your own brand pillars.
  • The one thing you should remember when deciding to partner with a brand.
  • How to use your pup’s Instagram account to sell your own products.

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