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Sometimes it seems like we wake up one day and our dogs are old and grey. Other times, their lives are cut short by accident or illness.

In any case, ensuring we have keepsakes and memorials of our dogs can be what gets us through the tough days that follow their passing.

One way we can memorialize our pets is through professional photography.

Today’s guest is Sarah Ernhart from Sarah Beth Photography and Pet Memorial Photographers.

Sarah specializes in end-of-life pet photography and she’s also certified in Grief Companioning and Pet Loss Grief Counselling. She’s been in business since 2006 and has photographed thousands of pets in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In this episode we’ll be discussing how to find a qualified pet photographer, and what to expect from during end-of-life photography session.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is End-of-Life dog photography?
  • What is the difference between and End-of-Life session and a regular photo session?
  • Who is End-of-Life dog photography for and NOT for?
  • How you can be in your dog’s photos, without actually “being” in your dog’s photos.
  • How to find a qualified End-of-Life dog photographer.
  • Popular keepsakes for End-of-Life photographs.

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