Are you a pup parent that loves photographing your dog, but when taking photos indoors they end up looking more like a black blob than their adorable selves? Then this episode is for you!

Holly Montgomery is a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America and an Accredited Dog Photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada. She’s been professionally photographing dogs exclusively through her business, BrindleBerry Acres, for over 15 years!


  • How to teach your dog to have their photo taken
  • How to choose and prepare the best spots indoors for photos
  • Why artificial light is ruining your photos
  • The biggest mistake most pup parents make when photographing their dogs
  • What you should always look for in your pet’s eyes when taking their photo
  • How to elicit the cutest expressions from your dog
  • How to get more variety in your shots
  • The keys to making the session fun for your pup
  • Which edits Holly uses to edit her all of her iPhone shots

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