I am really excited to introduce you to an amazing supplement that you very likely haven’t heard of before called Phytoplankton. Plankton is one of my favourite supplements (it is actually considered a whole food, not a supplement – but we will use “supplement” as the term “in addition to” instead of the noun) because it can do so much, and if you get it from a good source it is fully sustainable, pure and safe.

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Phytoplankton is naturally, nutritionally balanced and complete nutrition AND is a superfood as it is a super-antioxidant. It’s a single cell organism (not a plant) that has been expertly created as the perfect food for the ocean. Each tiny cell contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids (which dogs cannot produce on their own and require from their diet). That’s a lot of goodness in ONE cell! 

Not only does it increase overall health and longevity by slowing the aging and disease processes, but it can reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, decrease hyperactivity and anxiety, AND increase healthy energy. It can also contribute to improved skin and joint health. The amino acids in phytoplankton feed the glandular and hormonal systems (including the thyroid) which is really important to our dog companions because most do not have sex hormones due to being spayed or neutered at a young age. 


If your dog has digestive issues at all, most supplements (and foods) you are feeding are not likely being absorbed to their full potential. Phytoplankton is absorbed through the mucous membranes, not the gut, so it’s working for your dog before it even hits their digestive system making it extremely bioavailable.

Another fantastic benefit to feeding phytoplankton, is that it contains all the amino acids your dog needs – so if they suffer from allergies and you cannot vary their diet as much as you’d like, they are getting everything they need from their phytoplankton!

If there is one thing you want to add to your dog’s diet, this is the one! Not only is it the perfect addition to ANY diet, but it’s especially important to those making home made diets for their dogs.

When looking for a quality product, be sure to inquire how the product is grown so that you can find one that is free of heavy metals, sustainable, and non invasive to ocean life. One such product is The Adored Beasts’ Phyto Synergy which is grown on land and therefor doesn’t take any food away from ocean life. It’s filtered using water from the Atlantic ocean which removes any heavy metals.


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