BRINDLEBERRY PROMISEEVERYTHING I do: Every. Single. Day., is because I believe that dogs matter. Their physical and mental well-being matters. They matter to us, and their presence in our lives makes our lives better. They deserve to have fulfilling lives, healthy food, and purpose. And they most definitely matter enough to be photographed and celebrated in beautiful works of art on our walls.

I don’t believe that permanent and lasting change happens by scaring people or by signing online petitions. I believe that the best way to create positive change in the world is to be a shining example of it yourself, and by putting your money where your mouth is. When we support only the people and products we believe in, and enough of us believe the same things, change happens.

So, make THE PROMISE to the canines in your life today, and have your friends and family that feel the same to make it too! Once you SUBMIT the form, you’ll receive a printable copy of THE PROMISE to post at home, or in your workplace!

Today I make this promise to all of the dogs that come into my care – both personally and professionally:


I PROMISE not to use, sell, or recommend tools that are used to punish your undesirable behaviours, and instead teach you what the desirable behaviours are with kindness and patience and in the absence of fear, pain and intimidation.

I PROMISE to nourish your body with foods that are species appropriate, and I PROMISE to feed you the healthiest, quality, foods that I can manage financially.

I PROMISE to provide you with Veterinary care when you need it, and I PROMISE to always be open-minded to learning about alternative care and treatments that may improve the quality of your life.

I PROMISE to create an environment for you that enriches your body and mind, and I PROMISE to provide you with foods, activities and adventures that bring meaning and purpose to your life.

I PROMISE to keep you safe by making responsible decisions on your behalf, and by obeying the bylaws that are designed to integrate you into our society, and celebrate you as part of our family and community.

I PROMISE to do my best to learn about you and how you communicate so that I may better understand why you do the things you do – especially since I know you try very hard to understand me every single day.

I PROMISE to be the best possible person I can be for you, and I hope to fulfill your life as much as you fulfill mine.

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