Various methods of canine conditioning and rehabilitation have been around for years, but do you know what exactly it’s used for and when it might be a good option for YOUR pup?

In this episode we’re chatting with BJ Desjardins who’s been working in the pet rehab space for nearly 20 years! She’s been treating my dog, Grizz, with laser therapy for his osteoarthritis and has also helped hundreds of other dogs with both conditioning and rehabilitation.

BJ’s qualifications include:

  • CCRA (Certified Canine Rehab Assistant)
  • PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant)
  • Certified in Canine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy


  • What exactly is canine rehabilitation?
  • What are some rehab treatments used to help dogs?
  • What conditions are most often treated with rehabilitation therapy?
  • How would a pup parent know if their pup could benefit from rehabilitation?
  • What qualifications should a pup parent look for in a rehabilitation specialist?

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