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Pebbles and I recently had the pleasure of testing out the new Pawsh Pads Zipper Puffie and we are here to tell you our thoughts about it! This winter has been NUTS here in Calgary with some of the coldest AND warmest winter days we have seen (and sometimes within a day of each other). It’s the first year in the six years we have been at BrindleBerry Acres that we really needed something to remove the snow from our driveway. We have seen A LOT of snow!

There has never really been a year where we have used our doggie jackets this much, and I have been grateful to have tried A LOT of different coats over the years and I know which ones are awesome, and which ones are the pits. I am always skeptical when a new model comes along because I definitely have my faves!

I was provided a Pawsh Pads Zipper Puffie in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and I would NEVER give my dogs anything to eat, or put anything in or on their bodies that I didn’t honestly think was ok. Remember, I made a promise to all the doggies out there, and I take it pretty darn seriously!


Photo: © BrindleBerry Acres

Important Features of the Pawsh Pads Coat

In order to grab my attention enough to bring in a new jacket into my store – any newbie on the market has to offer something new, or better than what we already offer. I know I can’t sell them in my store if they are more of the same old same old, or a less savvy version of something that already exists.

The Pawsh Pads Puffie is awesome in its own right! Here are some of its best features:

  • It’s fully reversible! Every colour comes with a black option on the reverse side. Two coats in one!
  • It has belly coverage! Not many jackets do, but there is stretchy fabric added on the belly for chesty dogs!
  • There is a large, reflective nylon shoulder panel – larger than any I have seen – for extra visibility in the dark! (It’s the entire grey portion as seen in the photos.)
  • It comes in three colour options: red & black, pink & black, and blue & black!
  • EXTRA bonus – it’s a Canadian company. YAY!

We brought the Pawsh Pads Puffie into our storefront as we have been offering their boots for a few years now and they are incredible! The coats have been a great addition to our line up! 

Choosing the right size

As with most jackets, correct sizing is everything! To choose the correct size, be sure to measure from the base of your dog’s neck, to the base of their tail. This will be the measurement that will determine the size you choose. Pebbles falls between an 18/20 and a 24/26 size. She is a 22, so I was a bit bummed her size didn’t exist. The 18/20 was way too small, but other than being a little long, the 24/26 seems to fit her pretty well.

I chose Pebbles to try this jacket specifically because of her small size, and deep chest – just to be sure it fit some of the trickier dog breeds!

Because this jacket has a full zipper that zips along the dog’s back, the coat does need to fit snuggly and there isn’t much room for forgiveness if the jacket is too small. It simply won’t zip up! However, this snug fit is nice as it acts as a second skin and the dog doesn’t have “extra coat” hanging all over the place and is free to run and romp!

Final Consensus 

This jacket is a well-made, quality product that is unique in style and fit. My only beef with the coat is that it’s not going to fit all shapes and sizes of dogs like the looser products on the market do. I do also find the top zipper a bit challenging to zip up if Pebbles is wiggling around. However, if your dog doesn’t like it when you slip a jacket over their head (many dogs don’t like this!), the top zip could end up being a BIG pro for you!

Other than that, Pawsh Pads receives a well-deserved, near perfect score of:

Final Score – 4.5/5 BrindleBerries



Photo: © BrindleBerry Acres

You can purchase Pawsh Pads Zipper Puffie Jackets and boots at your favourite local retailer, or on their website:

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