On Sunday my husband and I headed out to the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary to bring them some donations. YWS has taken in some of the wolfdog mixes from the Milk River seizure, and they were in need of some canned food for them after they had dental surgery. The dork that I am, it didn’t even occur to me to take my camera, until the last minute and Georgina was happy to indulge me with a photo op.


When we arrived at the sanctuary, I made a B-line for the wolfdogs that I recognized from Georgina’s beautiful photography on Facebook. I started to take photos through the fencing, and then Georgina LET ME IN the enclosure with them. EEEEK!

The first pup up in the line up is Zeus. He’s a rather regal gentleman! And so very handsome.



This is Nova. Nova is so stunning, and provided me with the most photos to choose from. How could anything this gorgeous creature be in not be beautiful?



This is Kuna. WOW. What can I say? Speechless.




This little beauty is Kaida. She’s just a youngster, and SO curious! I got lots of sniffs from her, and my husband got to feed her treats right from his hand.



This is one of the Milk River dogs. He’s a handsome male, and he shares his pen with a very beautiful lady who is a bit more camera shy.



This sweet lady is Kasha. She shares her enclosure with two low content wolfdogs.



Roommates Loki…


And Nikki.


And finally, the last of the crew; Nalita and Lark.


If you haven’t been out to the sanctuary before, you should go! They give tours for $39/person, and these fees help them keep the sanctuary running! They have a cute little gift shop too you can go inside and purchase lots of fun goodies. It’s a short drive west of Cochrane, and it’s just gorgeous out there! (I almost moved in hee hee). What great work that Georgina, Joel, and crew are doing out there!